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“Glide app is by far, the simplest and most powerful system we use.”

ManBow is a group of luxury shoe brands founded in 1844. With around 50 shoe shops and five brands, it is a family-owned business that is passionate about its products and finding the best materials. They work with small family-owned factories in Italy, Portugal, the UK, and France with the goal of making affordable luxury shoes.

Constantin Thierry, the Communication and Digital Officer and sixth-generation owner of ManBow, shared his experience with using Glide as a software solution to address the problem of sharing data and information across the company.

ManBow faced the challenge of gathering data from their shops, which involved a lot of paperwork and phone calls. Information sharing was complicated as there was no easy way to share information or gather data. Constantin, who handles everything related to communication and digital, started looking for a solution and came across Glide.

The app he created allows ManBow to share videos, news, and figures, making it easier for people to find out what was happening in the company. It also allows the company to follow all their employees and shops and input data from their sales. They can now check all the stocks in their shops using the app, making inventory management much easier.

The initial problem was the main challenge of sharing data. Constantin built a tab that was meant to share data, then he thought of sharing videos on the newsfeed on the app. Employees now use the app to update opening times, follow co-workers, and manage inventory. Using Glide saved ManBow one or two full-time employees, making them more efficient and competitive.

Constantin built the app himself, crediting Glide's straightforward and intuitive interface. To date, he has built five or six apps for ManBow and other charities he's involved with.

ManBow plans to expand its use of the app to link it to other systems and to build an ambassador program to get feedback from special customers. They also plan to include pictures and videos of the product, the shoes, and the stores to help tell their story better.

Using Glide allowed ManBow to share information and data across their company, making it more efficient and competitive. It also helped the company feel more like a community, especially for people working in shops far from the head office. The company's focus on quality and passion for its products is what sets it apart from its competitors, and Glide has allowed them to keep up with the times while staying true to its legacy.

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