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Filipe Leal

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“Using a Glide app is a wonderful experience because it feels like we've spent endless hours designing and creating it ourselves. The buttons are amazing, and it's incredibly fast. Glide does this better than anyone else.”

Fresh.Land is a platform that connects farmers and consumers by delivering freshly harvested products directly to consumers without any middlemen. Filipe Leal is the CFO and Founder of Fresh.Land, who started the company to modernize the orange farm in the south of Portugal in Algarve that has been in his family for generations. Previously, Filipe and his family had been selling their oranges through middlemen, who stored the goods in warehouses before shipping to customers. Fresh.Land, a Glide app Filipe helped build with his team, the business is now able to skip the middleman and sell directly to the supermarket.

As Filipe puts it, "Using Glide has been a paradigm shift for us. The timeframe has been drastically reduced, going from months to days. Now, we have a very stable and robust platform, and those core components work. We no longer need infrastructure to maintain the app."

Filipe chose Glide for its easy and intuitive interface. He especially valued the ability to combine pre-designed elements seamlessly without compromising appearance or usability. Integrations with webhooks also played a big role in winning over Filipe as the platform for building Fresh.Land.

Today, Fresh.Land is a completely independent logistics platform that any farm can use to connect directly with consumers. One of the most critical features is the ability to use all the data they get from customers to allocate orders more efficiently. As Filipe puts it,

“The feedback we receive from customers is very valuable. My father was emotional when he received praise for his oranges. What started as a small use case grew and became an all-encompassing platform thanks to Glide's moldable nature. It's almost like a platform for anything that we need to digitize.”

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