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Joseph Linzon

Joseph Linzon

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“Glide gives me the tools to make my ideas possible. The controls and limitlessness are so exciting. We're very grateful Glide exists.”

Joseph Linzon is the co-founder of Corner Juice, a fast-casual juice and smoothie bar with two locations in Charlottesville, Virginia. Linzon's passion for healthy foods led him to start Corner Juice, which he co-founded with his family in 2017.

Before starting Corner Juice, Linzon opened a restaurant called Roots Natural Kitchen, which now owns and operates several locations throughout the East Coast. In his journey, Linzon realized that Charlottesville lacked healthy food options, despite being a health-centric community with a strong focus on fitness. This led him to open the first Corner Roots Natural Kitchen in 2015 and then Corner Juice in 2017.

As Corner Juice grew, Linzon faced the challenge of streamlining his operation. He was looking for a software solution that would help him screen and hire new applicants without actually being able to meet them, which became a problem due to the pandemic. This led him to Glide, a no-code platform that allowed him to create a powerful applicant tracking software that was significantly more informative than a traditional resume, especially for the hospitality industry where soft skills are very important. Linzon tested it with a couple of restaurants around town in Charlottesville and got some great feedback. Eventually, he built a management software app for Corner Juice that was a one-stop shop for everything they needed. The app does employee management, maintenance tracking, project management, team discussions, ideas, and everything else they need to run the business.

One of the main use cases for Glide at Corner Juice is recipe management. They use Glide to inform production by forecasting sales for the next few days and then reflecting their production based on that forecasted demand. This was something that was a major time sink for Linzon's team, but with Glide, they can accomplish it with just a few clicks.

Corner Juice also uses Glide for team management. They have a management dashboard that is the home base for managers. It shows what the points of focus are, what the to-dos are, and the major projects that need to get done, as well as a notepad and performance tracking. They also have a resources tool that acts as their academy, where all new hires go through training. It includes allergy guides, information about each item and its ingredients as well as its allergens, as well as hot links to the apps that they use most often.

Joseph Linzon and his team have been using a very iterative approach with the software, with one of their managers being incredibly helpful in testing the app. They have been using the software for everything they need to run their business, and it has been a game-changer for them. Linzon loves the challenge of trying to take an idea and bring it to fruition with Glide, and it has given him the tools to make his ideas possible.

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