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Nate Hixson

Nate Hixson

Director of Finance

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Beach Valley Solutions is a firm that places accounting professionals with businesses. The team was struggling to find a good process for tracking placements and generating agreements for its business. The reliance on a complicated Google Sheet resulted in lost information and posed difficulties in tracking and billing. Nate Hixson, Director of Finance, recognized the need to simplify and streamline these operations.

"We had a lot of problems with mismatches between what people would enter in the Google Sheet and what they put on contracts. That's gone away with Glide." - Nate Hixson

To address the challenges, Beach Valley Solutions turned to Glide. Under Nate's guidance, a proof-of-concept application was built in just two weeks. His focus was on integrating Glide with the existing system to ensure seamless information flow.

After using Glide, the Beech Valley Solutions tech team was able to focus on building more client-facing features, remove tasks from their workload, and enhance client experiences.

Streamlined Workflows and Reduced Errors

The implementation of Glide brought about a significant positive impact at Beach Valley Solutions. The occurrence of errors and issues decreased notably, eliminating mismatches between the Google Sheet and contract details. This improvement streamlined workflows and ensured accurate information across the board.

"Glide has eliminated duplication of effort, allowing people to fill out forms just once. This has reduced errors and saved valuable time." - Nate Hixson

Simplified Processes and Easy Adoption

Glide's intuitive interface enabled a smooth transition and quick adoption within the team, without requiring extensive training.

The team has ambitious plans for future growth with Glide. They aim to integrate Glide data into their internal app to get a comprehensive view of consultant placements across the company. Additionally, they plan to implement payment functionality directly within Glide, reducing reliance on third-party systems.

“We plan to integrate Glide data into our internal app and implement payment functionality directly within Glide. We are excited about leveraging its capabilities for our future growth.”

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