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Managing Financial Loan Applications with Glide

Processing capital requests for customers isn’t straightforward, as there are many things to consider. The team at 12five Capital were wasting hours manually editing a spreadsheet. A custom Glide app enabled 12five Capital to view, adjust, and submit customer data in a couple of clicks, creating an easy admin process and smooth customer onboarding.

Managing Financial Loan Applications with Glide
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12five Capital is a financing company that provides working capital solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Their finance program helps companies to close the gap while they wait to be paid by the customer for all the products produced and shipped. It removes the roadblocks to growth by allowing them to hire more people, fulfill larger orders and make investments in their business for the long run.

All of their administration was being done by periodically filling out large spreadsheets. They would then use various other processes and tools for signatures and administration. This created a huge overhead for the company and resulted in a bad user experience for their clients.

12five Capital saw an opportunity to build off their systems and use Glide to provide a better experience for their clients and streamline their workload.


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Now, staff at 12five open an app and can see the most recent data for each customer, adjust if needed before submitting a line of credit request. Once submitted, the app issues signature requests to all parties, allowing the important flow of Capital into the business to happen.

The 12five team also now has a clean and intuitive interface to work with, helping them enjoy their work more and stay in the flow.


Today, 12five Capital has a much better overview of all customer data. It’s easier for them to manage customer accounts, amend and update their database and provide a smooth onboarding experience for customers, and issue financings.

12five Capital customers have also gained better access to solutions that help get their project off the ground. Having immediate access to information about their financing can be critical, and the Glide app allows them to access that info anywhere in the world.

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