NewsPublished June 22, 2021

Introducing Glide 2.0

Better apps , a more powerful app builder , collaboration for teams , and new templates for work .

Today we're announcing Glide 2.0. Nearly every aspect of Glide has been updated and refined, with delightful new capabilities for apps, powerful new features for our app builder, collaboration features for teams, and new templates designed for work.

This is the most significant update to Glide yet—let’s take a look!

App Enhancements

Apps should be delightful to use and snappy on every device. We've made significant improvements to the design & functionality of the apps you can build with Glide.

Tablet Layout

We added a Tablet layout for apps. Tablet layout also works on laptops, desktops, and the web, so your Glide apps feel natural on more screens. Tablet layout is automatic—any app made with Glide will automatically adapt its layout for larger screens.

New Components & Capabilities

Apps have gained many new capabilities, including sound effects, larger file uploads, new button styles, and satellite maps. We've also added many new components, including a signature pad, a barcode scanner, and colorful hint components. There's even a fun new swipe layout to make your app even more interactive.

Multi-step Actions with Conditions

Traditionally, Glide apps supported basic user actions, like pressing a button to open a link. In Glide 2.0, actions have evolved from simple, single steps, into multi-step sequences with logic-based conditions. For example, when a user presses a button, your app can play a sound, show a notification, trigger a Zap, navigate to a different screen, and update the app's data, all at once. This allows you to build powerful interactions between users, your app's data, and the world.

All-new App Builder

Glide is designed to be easy & fun to use, but it's also a powerful data-driven programming environment. Glide 2.0 features a redesigned app builder with surprisingly advanced capabilities.

Optimized Data Editor

We rewrote our built-in data editor to be 10x faster, with smooth scrolling and new features for controlling data access. It's also fully open-source!

Action Editor

The all-new action editor lets you build powerful action sequences with logic-based branching.

Glide Tables

We've added our first all-new data source beyond Google Sheets. We call it Glide Tables.

Glide Tables are faster and more scalable than Google Sheets, and can be shared between apps to create powerful multi-app scenarios. For example, you could share a single Employees table between an HR Admin app, and an Employee Directory app shared with your entire company.

You can still use Google Sheets if you want, but now they're optional.

Team Collaboration

We've added collaboration features for teams using Glide, so everyone can build apps together. The best part is, you can add as many collaborators to your team as you want, for free.

Team Links

We created Team Links to make it easy to invite many people to your team at once. For example, share your team's link in Slack to invite your colleagues to collaborate on apps for your company.

New Dashboard

To help your team manage these apps, we've redesigned the dashboard to make organizing your apps easier and more fun. You can star your favorite apps, and change how apps are sorted. You can also transfer apps between teams.

Apps for Work

Most software is created for private use within companies, so we've worked directly with our business customers to build apps specifically for their needs. We call these "Apps for Work," and we've made them free for anyone to copy from our template store.

Glide for Business Trial

As a special bonus, when you copy an App for Work, you'll start a 14-day trial of Glide's business tier, to experience all Glide has to offer.

Hundreds of New Templates

The community has also added hundreds of templates to our template store, for every use case from Digital Restaurant Menus to Company Board Management, to help you start your next app even more quickly.

Glide for Enterprise

We've made it easier for large businesses to use Glide. We now support security reviews, master service agreements, payment via PO, and other enterprise procurement requirements.

For Enterprise customers, we also offer Priority Support with a 1-day response time, 99% uptime, hands-on sessions with Glide Experts, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager so you can be confident that Glide can handle businesses at any scale. Learn more.


Glide 2.0 is the result of a year of feedback from our awesome community, lessons from thousands of customers, and the joyful work of the entire Glide team. We hope you enjoy the new capabilities, and that you create even more amazing apps with them.

Happy Gliding!

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