User-specific columns

Allow cells to hold unique data for each user.

User-specific columns allow cells to hold unique data for each user. This means each user can experience their own data for a particular part of your app.

These columns live in the Data Editor only. They aren't synced between Glide and your original data source.

How to use user-specific columns

You can use user-specific columns anytime you want to collect data that's unique to a user.

For example, adding a column named User Notes allows users to write their own notes and feedback on each item in the app.

Without user-specific columns, data entered in the User Notes column would appear to everyone, and anyone could change it. With it, any notes entered will be specific to the user. In other words, a single cell will contain a unique value for each user.

Adding user-specific columns

User-specific columns are created from basic columns.

  1. In the Data Editor, open the table you want to edit.

  2. Add a new column by clicking on the plus (+) symbol to the right of the table.

    • The plus (+) icon will add the column to the end of the table. To place the new column in a specific order, click on the dropdown button in the column header next to where you want to place it and then Add column right.

  3. Give the new column a name.

  4. In the Type dropdown, choose the basic column type you want to add.

  5. Enable the Column is user-specific option.

  6. Once finished, click Done to add the column to the table.

After you create a basic column and start using it, it can't be turned into a user-specific column. This can only be done at the time you set up the column while creating it. Similarly, once you create a user-specific column, it can't be turned back into a basic column again.

Preview data

Since user-specific data is unique to each user, the only way to access another user's data is by previewing the data as the other user. You can preview it by changing the Viewing as setting in your app.

  1. In the Data Editor or Layout Editor, click on the name next to Viewing as.

  2. Choose the user whose data you want to preview.

The data in the column or related component will automatically adjust to show what that user entered.

Frequently Asked Questions

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