Bring your BigQuery data into Glide.

BigQuery is Google Cloud's data warehouse tool that allows businesses to run analytics across a tremendous amount of data using SQL (Structured Query Language).

BigQuery integration is only available on Business and Enterprise plans. Need to upgrade? Read more about our plans and pricing here.

Getting Set up with BigQuery

  1. Before using BigQuery with Glide, you'll need to set up a BigQuery account.

  2. Make sure your first column in your data set is a unique string or number column named “id” so Glide can identify the rows.

  3. New to SQL queries? Check out Google's documentation to get started.

  4. Make sure cookies are left on in your personal Glide settings.

Syncing Data from BigQuery

  1. From the Data Editor, navigate to the Tables menu in the left sidebar and select plus (+) to add a new Data Source.

  2. Select BigQuery and sign in to the relevant Google account.

  3. Search or browse your datasets and select the one you want to sync with Glide.

  4. In the query screen, run whatever queries you like to create the dataset you want to pull into Glide.

  5. When you're ready, you can name the query and save it as a table.

  6. You can now work with this data for your Glide app.

Editing Your Synced Table

Unlike our other data integrations, changes you make to BigQuery data in Glide do not write back to your BigQuery data warehouse. Glide uses BigQuery as a read-only data source.

To change your table:

  1. Select edit query in the upper right corner of your query table.

  2. Make any changes to the query you'd like.

  3. Preview your data, then save it to update your table.

Limitations of BigQuery

There are some features in Glide that aren't compatible with a table generated from BigQuery. Those features are:

In computed columns, filtering, sorted, and search is not supported.

The following components will load at most 5000 rows:

  • Chart

  • Radial Chart

  • Choice

  • Kanban

  • Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about BigQuery? Ask the Glide community.

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