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Reference / Data Sources

Introduction to Data Sources

Discover how to connect your data to your Glide project

Meet the new Glide Apps

Glide Pages are now Glide Apps. Please refer to this article for up-to-date information, as some of this documentation is outdated.

Every project you create in Glide is powered by data. Once you connect a data source to your project, it remains in two-way sync with your original data source. This means changes to one are reflected in the other.

Supported data sources

If you want to keep your data exclusively in Glide, you can build your own tables from scratch in the Data Editor using Glide Tables. The Glide Tables API is also available to help you connect your tables with your own applications and automate your data management.

Is your data hosted on another platform? Glide can be integrated with the following external applications and software.

Adding a new data source
Adding a new data source

You can add multiple data sources to a single project, connecting many different sources together. To accomplish this, click on the plus icon in the Tables panel of the Data Editor. From there, you can create new Glide Tables and connect to existing tables in other sources. You can also upload Excel files (.csv) directly into Glide.

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