Billing FAQs for Glide Teams.

Only admins can see billing information and make changes to payment and plan settings.

To add or update your billing information, open the Billing menu in your Glide Dashboard.

The billing menu in Glide.

Under the Payment History section, you will find a list of your recent invoices. To view your full payment history, click View All to open a new window. You will see your current plan, plan renewal date, default payment method, billing contact information, and invoice history. The payment method and billing information can be changed directly from this Stripe customer portal.

Updating billing information in Glide.

Billing Profiles

Each team has its own billing profile. You will need to set up a billing profile for each team to be able to upgrade apps built in that team.

Payment method

You can change your payment method by clicking Change on the upper right of the Billing screen, where your plan information displays. A window will open with your current plan and billing information.

If you already have a credit card on file, you will see a Billed to section with your credit card on file, cardholder name, and email address. To update this information, select Change and enter the new information.

Legacy Credit card payments

Glide only accepts card payments at this time via Stripe.

Billing history

To access your billing history, head on to the Summary section of your Billing dashboard and click on the Customer Portal link. This will redirect you to Stripe, where you can view your billing history.

This billing history section displays your current or active plans and a list of all your transactions with Glide. You can also view your active payment method here and can add a new one if you need to.

Billing history in Stripe.

Invoices and receipts

To view your invoices and receipts for a specific transaction, click on the open new tab icon beside the transaction date. This will redirect you to the invoice page for that transaction where you can download a PDF copy of your invoice and receipt.

Sample invoice where you can download a PDF copy of your invoice and receipt.

Canceling or Changing Your Plan

If you want to downgrade your team from Starter to Free or change your team plan to another plan, you can do this on your Billing page. Select either Change Plan or Cancel plan.

Changing or canceling your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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