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How to get support if you're experiencing issues with Glide.

Glide Community

Glide Community page

Glide Community page

The Glide Community is a great way to request for help and support for your existing projects. The forum is made up of thousands of users - many of whom are Glide experts. It is very active, friendly, and people will be eager to help you there.

Glide Community tips

  1. Be polite and kind to other members.
  2. Use the search bar to see if your topic has been discussed before.
  3. Check out the community's different categories.
  4. When posting questions, try to be clear and concise and write descriptive titles. If you need help with many different things, try posting them as separate topics or connect with a Glide Expert.
  5. Where possible, provide links (e.g. to your app), screenshots or even videos that help explain the point you are trying to make.
  6. Please be aware that everything you post in the forums is public.


We provide support for all Pro, Business, and Enterprise subscriptions via the Support Form in Glide. Navigate to the app you're wanting to contact support about and click the '?' button in the bottom right of Glide.

Contact support

Contact support

If you have a billing or subscription issue, there is a link to “Open Billing Inquiry.”

All other plans are supported by visiting our Help/Support webpage or the Community Forum. Our support hours are weekdays, 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time.

Support's access to your data

When support look at your app, they can look at the app and the data in the Data Editor. They can change the app and data locally (on their end) to troubleshoot, but these changes won't be saved or won't affect your actual app.

Support will also not have access to your spreadsheet directly (although they will see the data in the Data Editor).

We keep a full record of every time support look at your app.

Learning resources

Unfortunately, Glide does not provide any one-on-one help through our support team to help you build your app. However, we have a wide library of resources to guide you through your app building process.

Check out our learning resources here.

If you need hands-on help creating your app, there are Glide Experts you can consult with. They are all listed here. These experts are independent individuals that Glide has recognized as skilled in the use of Glide.

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