Business Plan Free Trial

Try the Business plan for 14 days, free.

All Glide users are automatically started on a free plan. Each paid plan level unlocks new features to add more power to your Glide apps. Business is the most popular plan level, and with the Business Plan Free Trial, you can unlock all the features of the Business plan for a trial period, for free.

After the trial period ends, your plan will automatically renew for a month of Business. If you choose to downgrade or cancel your trial, any features you’ve added to your apps that require a paid plan will no longer work. To enable these features, upgrade to a paid plan that meets your needs.

Signing Up for a Trial

To get started, open the Billing menu in your Glide Dashboard and select Manage Plan. The last option on the right will be Business. Select Start Trial and enter your billing information. You will not be charged unless you decide to keep your business plan after the trial period has ended. Once you enter your information and start the trial, your team will immediately be upgraded to the Business plan.

Canceling a Trial

Business plan trials can be ended at any time and you will not be charged if you cancel within the trial period. You can review how much time is left on your trial period by selecting Manage Plan in the Billing menu. You can also end the trial by downgrading the plan to a different paid level or canceling the paid plan. If you cancel the trial, you will not be able to initiate another free trial period.

Trials renew automatically

Free trials renew automatically. If you do not want to proceed with a paid Business plan, be sure to cancel the trial before the end of the trial period.

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