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Meet the new Glide Apps

Glide Pages is now Glide Apps

As of March 2023, existing users will notice an important change in Glide. Our flagship product, previously referred to as Glide Pages, is now called Apps, becoming our officially supported and recommended product:

  • Existing Apps will be known as Classic Apps
  • Pages will be known as Apps

Classic Apps will only be available to users who signed up before March 20th, 2023.


Glide Pages launched late 2021 as a large-screen companion to Glide Apps. What we initially meant as two complementary products came into conflict as we noticed users struggle to choose one over the other. A year later, we decided to evolve Glide toward one unified solution for building beautiful, powerful, adaptive apps that work across any device or screen size.

Adaptive Apps

Our vision for the future of software interfaces is ‘Adaptive Apps’: custom software that works great on all screens and platforms. Here are some of the adaptive features you'll find in Apps that support that vision:

  • Screen transitions
  • Adaptive components
  • Slide ins and overlays that adapt to their form factor

Differences between Apps and Classic Apps

Glide's latest most powerful features are exclusively available in Apps:

  • Big Tables: scale your data up to 10M rows.
  • Actions: build custom workflows that automate your business tasks.
  • Integrations: connect to your favorite tools to build powerful workflows.

Missing Components

Most components are now available in Apps, with a few missing ones currently in progress. The only components that we don’t plan to bring to Apps are:

  • Payment button
  • Stopwatch
  • Link relation
  • CSS in Rich Text

If you have a suggestion for future features for Apps, please let us know on the community forum.


Classic Apps will continue working and users who signed up before March 2023 can continue building them for now. We are working on a migration plan and will share more details with all relevant users via email and in our community forum. We strongly suggest you build new projects on Apps, so you can benefit from our new powerful features.

Users who signed up to Glide before March 20th, 2023 will still be able to create Classic Apps.
Users who signed up to Glide before March 20th, 2023 will still be able to create Classic Apps.


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