Add Zendesk Chat to your app
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Add Zendesk support chat to your Glide apps

The premiere integration for providing seamless customer support within your app. With this integration, you can easily add Zendesk Chat to Glide, allowing your users to chat with your support team directly from within your Glide app. Imagine being able to provide instant support, answer questions, and resolve issues in real-time, all without your users ever having to leave your app. Say goodbye to complex support workflows and hello to a more seamless and efficient support experience with the Zendesk integration for Glide.

Activating the Zendesk integration in Glide

  • ↪ In your Glide project, open the Settings menu.
  • ↪ In the Integrations menu, choose Zendesk and select Add to app.
  • ↪ After adding Zendesk to your app, you will need to find the Key for your Zendesk Web Widget.
  • ↪ Paste the key under Zendesk’s settings to complete your set-up.
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