Complete prompts, generate images, and analyze text with OpenAI
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Put the power of AI into your Glide app with various OpenAI functionality

With this powerful integration, you enable the power of AI in your app, giving it superpowers. Our OpenAI integration allows you to easily generate natural language text, perform advanced language processing, and create personalized user experiences. Imagine being able to provide your users with highly accurate and relevant information or even having your app respond to their requests in real-time with natural language. With OpenAI, the possibilities are endless.

Activating the OpenAI integration in Glide

  • ↪ Create an account on OpenAI.
  • ↪ In OpenAI, head to the API keys page and create a new API search key. Save this key in a safe place.
  • ↪ In Glide and inside your Glide project, click the Settings menu.
  • ↪ Find the Integrations section and select OpenAI.
  • ↪ Click the Add to app button.
  • ↪ Copy-paste the OpenAI API key to finish configuring the integration.
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  • Generate image
    Use Dall-E to generate an image from a prompt
    1 update
  • Complete chat (with history)
    Make your own chatbot using the ChatGPT API
  • Answer question about a table
    Finds the most relevant row in your table to answer the prompt
    1 update
  • Text to Speech
    Use Whisper to transcribe speech to text
    5 updates
  • Summarize
    Summarize text with OpenAI
    1 update
  • Suggest a color
    Suggests a color based on a prompt
    1 update
  • Extract keywords
    Extract keywords from text using OpenAI
    1 update
  • Analyze sentiment
    Analyzes a prompt as positive, negative, or neutral
    1 update
  • Suggest an emoji
    Suggests an emoji based on a prompt
    1 update
  • Correct grammar
    Corrects sentences into standard English with OpenAI
    1 update
  • Answer question
    Answers a question based on a prompt
    1 update
  • Complete prompt
    Complete a prompt using OpenAI's GPT-3 API
    1 update
  • Complete chat
    Make your own chatbot using the ChatGPT API
  • Speech to text
    Use Whisper to transcribe speech to text
    5 updates

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