Preview Features

Experiment with new features before they’re released.

What are Preview Features?

Before being fully integrated into the builder, some Glide features can be previewed by enabling them in your Dashboard. Preview features are experimental. While users can test and use them, there might be some differences between the preview and the final release of the feature.

Stability of experimental features

Please proceed with caution for apps with users, and report bugs in the Glide Community forum under the bugs category.

Enabling Preview Features

Enable preview features in the Glide Dashboard to get a sneak peek of what’s upcoming.

Note that some features require a paid plan. If you enable a feature that is not available on your plan, you will see a popup prompting you to upgrade when you try to use the feature in your apps.

By default, preview features are not enabled for testing. They can be activated through the toggle switch associated with the feature. You can choose to enable as many, or as few, preview features you like.

Once activated, the experimental features will be accessible in all applications associated with your account.

When an experimental feature moves from preview to a standard release, it will generally operate as you've configured it. However, once the standard release is announced, we recommend reviewing your configuration to make sure it’s still functioning the way you intended.

Frequently Asked Questions

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