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HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help businesses grow and manage customer relationships. The HubSpot integration in Glide empowers you to seamlessly interact with your HubSpot Contact, Company, and Deal data.

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Adding and Configuring the Integration

  1. In Glide, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab and then select HubSpot.

  3. Click the Add button.

  4. Sign into your Hubspot account and select 

  5. Connect app to approve the integration.

Hubspot Objects and Properties


The Hubspot integration in Glide currently supports integrations with 3 Hubspot objects:

  1. Contacts - Individuals who interact with your business

  2. Companies - Organizations your business engages with

  3. Deals - Typically sales opportunities that are tracked in pipelines

Each object has a unique identifier that is used to link records between Glide and Hubspot. Be sure to store this field in Glide if you want to retrieve info or make changes to records in the future.


Once you pick an object and find its unique identifier, you’ll need the Hubspot Property Internal Name for the value(s) you want to add, edit, or retrieve.

  1. Properties are the different fields where you can store information. For example a Contact has properties like First Name, Last Name, Location, etc.

  2. An Internal Name is the name of the field that does not change and is needed for integrations. For example, one day you may want to relabel First Name as Name in Hubspot, but the internal name (firstname) never changes.

To retrieve the internal name of a property:

  1. In Hubspot, go to your Settings.

  2. In Data Management, select the Object you are working with.

  3. In Setup, select Manage contact properties.

  4. Search and select the Property you want.

  5. Select </> and copy the Internal name.


Glide supports 5 features for each of Hubspot’s objects.

  1. Create - Adds a new record

  2. Edit - Updates an existing record

  3. Archive - Temporarily hides a record without permanently deleting it

  4. Delete - Permanently removes a record

  5. Retrieve Info - Displays properties from a record in Glide.

All 5 features can be added as Actions to Components or added to an action sequence in the Action Editor. Additionally, the Retrieve Info feature can be added as a Computed Column.

Let's take a look at how to use each of these features in Glide.


The Hubspot integration can create new contacts, companies, or deals.


The Hubspot integration can edit existing contacts, companies, or deals.


The Hubspot integration can archive existing contact, company, and deal records.


The Hubspot integration can delete existing contact, company, and deal records. The record will be permanently deleted from Hubspot.

Retrieve Info

The Hubspot integration can retrieve information from existing records about contacts, companies, and deals.

Let’s look at 3 examples of the Hubspot integration.

Example 1: Create Contact

The Create Contact action creates a new Contact record in Hubspot with the property values you send from Glide.

You can customize which properties to add to the new contact record in Hubspot. Make sure you use your internal Hubspot names so the fields match when you send the new contact data.

When you create a new contact, Hubspot will send back a Contact ID to be stored in Glide. You can specify which column in Glide should store the Contact ID data.

While not required, if you don’t fill out the “Values” field, a blank contact will be created in Hubspot.

Example 2: Archive Company

The Archive Company action hides a company in Hubspot. You can specify a column that houses Hubspot Company IDs to automate this process.

Example 3: Retrieve Deal Info

The Retrieve Deal Info action looks up a deal in Hubspot with the ID you provide and returns the property you request. You'll need a column with Deal IDs that match Hubspot, as well as the Property name from Hubspot.

To learn more generally about Integrations in Glide, including how they affect your app’s usage, check out our Introduction to Integrations.

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