Personal Users

Personal and educational domains that qualify as personal app users.

Both the Free and Maker plans allow personal users only. A personal app user is a user that signs into a Glide app using a personal email domain, such as Gmail, or an education email domain, such as .edu.

Personal users are not the same as private or public app users. Glide apps can be public or private.

Up to ten personal app users are allowed on the Free plan. The Maker plan allows for an unlimited number of personal app users.

Members of a team on Free and Maker plans will still be able to log in to apps, regardless of their email domain.

Not sure if your domain is personal? Use our validator to check.

If you need to allow app users with corporate or business email domains, a Team or Business plan is required. Users can have any email domain on Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. You can try the Business plan for free with a Business Plan Free Trial.

Members of a team on Free or Maker plans who have corporate emails will still be able to log in to the team's apps.

General Principles of Personal Domains

In general, Glide considers the following types of email addresses personal.

  • Consumer email domains (e.g., Gmail)

  • School emails (e.g., a college email)

  • Non-profit email (e.g., a city food bank)

  • Community (e.g., a local pickleball club)

  • A personal website

These determinations are approximate and if in doubt, Glide will assume a domain is not personal. Users with a Maker plan can request one domain per team to be considered personal, if needed.

Personal Domains

The following email domains are examples of emails that would be considered personal:

  • Gmail

  • Hotmail

  • Yahoo

  • Outlook

  • Proton

  • AOL

  • MSN

  • Yandex

  • iCloud

  • Hey

Education Domains

Education domains denote users who are part of an educational institution, be they teachers, students, or affiliated with the institution in some other way. Education domains are considered personal app users. The following email domains are examples of emails that would be considered education:

  • .ed

  • .edu

  • .k12

  • .ac

Frequently Asked Questions

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