Security and User Data

Make your apps safe and secure.

We want apps built on Glide to be as safe and secure as possible. To achieve this, we automatically secure many aspects of your app, but you as the app creator will always make the most important decisions about the security of your apps.

We've created these security guides to help you make the best possible security decisions when building your apps and organizing your data. If your app contains private information, we suggest reading all of these guides.

  1. Choose a secure sign-in method.

  2. Use Row-Owners to protect private data.

  3. Enable roles to create access groups.

  4. Protect unused columns in your data source.

  5. Anonymize emails in public apps.

  6. Understand visibility conditions and how they are not a security feature.

  7. Learn how to delete user data.

  8. To learn more about Glide's approach to Security and Compliance, you can read more in our Security Center.

When in doubt, leave it out

If you have private data in your sheet and you're not sure how to protect it, play it safe, and leave the sheet out when building your app:

  • Do not display any data from the sheet

  • Do not create computed columns or components that refer to any data in the sheet

You can ask for our help on our Community Forum, where many friendly Gliders can give you suggestions for protecting your data if you're unsure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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