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Reference / Computed Columns

If → Then → Else Column

Produce different values based on conditions.

The If → Then → Else Column allows you to produce a new set of data for your app based on a set of conditions.

This is great for assigning a status for an item in your app once it meets a certain criteria.

Take a look at this example:

Once an interviewer assigns a score to an applicant in this app, the If → Then → Else column will automatically assign a status for the applicant - passed or failed.

To create an If → Then → Else, head to the Data Editor and add a new column. Choose “If → Then → Else” from the column type and configure as follows:

  • IF: Your condition or criteria
  • THEN: the result you want to show if your condition is true
  • ELSE: the result you want to show if your condition is false (or the default if you have multiple conditions).

While setting the conditions or criteria, you can use any of the column values as the data source for any part of the computation.

It's also possible to add more than one case in the event that you have multiple criteria to fulfill.

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