Add Gravatars to user profiles.

Gravatar is a service that allows people to create a profile associated with an email address. Users can add a photo, or avatar, to their profile. When users create an account with a service that uses Gravatar, their photo is automatically populated in that service.

Adding and Configuring the Integration

  1. The Gravatar integration works like a column in your data source. In the Data Editor, choose the table where you want to add the Gravatar column. This will be most likely be your User Profile table.

  2. Add a new column by clicking the plus (+) symbol to the right of the table.

    • New columns added with the plus button will always appear on the right. If you'd like to add a column somewhere else in your data, you can select the dropdown menu on an existing column and choose Add column right. You can also click and drag columns to rearrange them.

  3. Name the column.

  4. For Type, search for Gravatar or navigate to Integrations -> Gravatar -> Get gravatar icon.

  5. Configure the Data options with the column that contains the email addresses for your users. Since a Gravatar profile is associated with an email address, this is required and can’t be left blank.

Using the Gravatar Integration

Glide will automatically find and add the icons or photos associated with users who have a Gravatar profile in that user’s row. If a user doesn’t have a Gravatar profile, Glide will show the default Gravatar icon instead.

Have a question about Gravatar? Ask the Glide community.

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