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Template Store Guidelines

Learn how to create good templates for the Glide Store

If you've got a great app you'd like to submit to the template store, we would be happy to review it. Help us speed the process up by following these guidelines.

Template Store apps should offer a clear value for customers, whether that's:

  • Beautiful design elements
  • Advanced data editor logic
  • Super-specific target users (i.e. a conference app for doctors)
  • Or...something new entirely

Templates should:

  • Be self-sufficient, stand-alone apps
  • Use super clean Google Sheets (i.e. clear formatting, functions/formulas computed in Glide’s data editor as opposed to the Google Sheet)
  • Avoid private or personally identifiable data/photos (use fake names, Unsplash images, etc)
  • Be really good at one thing, rather than a giant “does everything” app
  • Clearly communicate the value to a new developer
  • Video: A video that demonstrates template features and explains its purpose. Must include someone explaining the template with their voice—merely showing your template and wiggling your cursor over it is not enough.

Templates should not:

  • Contain private or personally identifiable information. For example, an Employee Directory template must not contain the real information of actual employees or people—it should contain 'dummy' data only
  • Contain offensive, profane, obscene, libelous, or otherwise illegal content
  • Contain any malicious or deceptive content
  • No clones of social networking apps like Tinder, Facebook, or messaging apps.
  • Templates must not be merely lists or indexes of content, for example, a template that consists of a list of jokes.
  • Rely on configuring third-party services or other additional functionality, whether free or paid, outside of Glide (for now, this means Zapier integrations, too). In other words, your app should work immediately after someone copies it, with no additional setup outside of Glide.
  • Use HTML/CSS embedded within Rich Text components to inject styles or special functionality not normally supported by Glide into the app.
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