NewsPublished March 26, 2023

Introducing Push Notifications

We’re excited to announce that iOS Push Notifications are now available in your Glide apps.

Introducing  Push Notifications

Push Notifications now in your Glide apps

Today, we’re excited to announce another great leap forward for companies building custom software with Glide—iOS Push Notifications. Previously, Apple did not allow push notifications for progressive web apps (PWAs). While push notifications were already available for Android and Desktop in Glide, today’s launch of iOS 16.4 unlocks this feature on your Apple homescreen. After careful planning, we’re delighted to offer same-day support for this highly sought-after feature so you can send targeted, timely messages to your app users today.

Push Notifications in Glide

Glide users can now send push notifications instantly to all or select app users with a single click. Notify your colleagues and customers when forms are submitted, new orders roll in, tasks are assigned, and anything else to keep your workflows moving. You can even link users to specific screens in your app, so they can easily take action.

Adding push notifications to your new or existing Glide apps is simple.

  1. In Glide, click the Settings menu.

  2. Find the Integrations section and select Push Notifications.

  3. Click the Add to app button.

Hooray, your push notifications are now up and running!

On the roadmap…

Looking ahead, we have several updates in the works to make push notifications even better, including:

  • Notifications center to see a history of your notifications in one place

  • Push notifications as a result of data changes and automation to stay up-to-date on important changes in your app.

  • Badging on the app icon to see the number of notifications user needs to respond to.

To learn more about this feature, check out our latest documentation.

Start today

Early users are already sending push notifications to the field teams and customers to streamline communication.

Push notifications are available on Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

To get started, log in and create push notifications with the Actions Editor.

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