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Contact Form

A simple form component in Glide Pages.

Contact Form allows you to send information to a sheet that you choose as your Target Table. The goal of this new component is to send data to a new Table by adding a new row, similar to the Forms component in Glide Apps. However, the level of customization is much higher.


To begin with, we can customize the Description of the form, and add a Title. Once we choose our Target Table we need to connect the Name, Email, Phone, and Message to the correct columns.

Data settings
Data settings

Options & Additional columns

We can add a background to our Contact Form. We can choose from Card, Highlight, Accent, or None.

We can also add Additional Columns, similar to Screen Columns in Glide Apps, where we can add any information from our current screen. This information will be sent automatically. For example, we can add a submission date.

Options & Additional Columns
Options & Additional Columns


Once we have configured our settings, we can add an Action. The first action on a form is obviously to open a form screen. However, we can configure the After Submit Action to determine what happens after the user submits a form.

After Submit Action
After Submit Action
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