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Show lists of items from your tables in different layouts.

Glide Pages don't have List Screen Layouts like Glide Apps – everything is a Details Screen onto which you can add components.

Therefore, when we want to have lists, we need to add a Collection component. This acts much like the Inline List in Apps but has more power & versatility.

Most collections like Card, List, Grid, and Table are roughly the same in the way that you configure them. Collections like Kanban Board Collection have very different configuration, and we will have separate documentation on those.

Configuring a Collection

Step 1: Choose a Data Source

Choose a Table or Relation for your Collection's data.

Step 2: Choose a style

There are five main styles for a collection: Card, Cover, Article, List, and Table. Each of these is similar, but may have its own slightly different settings.

Step 3: Configure the Items Data

In Card, Cover, List, and Table we have the option to show a Title, Subtitle, Emphasis, and an Image. In Article, we also have a fifth option – Content.

Step 4: Add Actions

Once we have chosen what data to display, we can start adding Actions to our collection. We can add many Actions to different areas of our collection.

  • We can create multiple Title Bar Actions, which create buttons at the top of our list
  • We can create multiple Title Actions, which create buttons within each item
  • And we can choose a single action for what happens when there is an Item Click.

Step 5: Choose your list size

You can limit the number of items in your list, which simply shortens the list to whatever number you choose. But you can also customize the pagination. In other words, if the list is very long, it will automatically be grouped into 'pages' and you can click through to the next or previous page.

You can choose how many items appear on a 'Page' - which will affect the overall height of your collection.

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