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Send SMS messages from your Glide app.

Twilio is a communications platform that enables businesses to send messages to their customers across multiple channels. With the Twilio integration, you can easily send SMS (text) messages from your app to keep your users engaged and informed.

Use case for a Twilio
Use case for a Twilio

Adding and Configuring the Integration

  • In Glide, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.

  • In the Integrations menu, choose Twilio and select Add to app. Next, you will to set your Twillio Account SID, Auth token, and From number.

Adding the Twilio integration
Adding the Twilio integration
  • To find this information, open your Twilio dashboard.
Account info in Twilio
Account info in Twilio
  • Input the information into your Glide integration. You are now ready to start using Twilio with Glide.

Verified phone numbers on Twilio

Twilio allows messaging to different numbers depending on what level of account you have. In some cases, you can only text phone numbers that you’ve verified. Click here to learn more about verified phone numbers on Twilio.

Integration Settings

Integration settingDescriptionRequired field?
Account SIDYour account string identifier is a 34-digit string that is used to identify your Twilio account
Auth tokenYour Auth token is used as credentials to allow Glide to send messages on your behalf
Sender numberThis is the Twilio number that will be used to send SMS messages from your app


Send SMS with Twilio

FieldDescriptionRequired field?ExampleNotes
RecipientThe recipient of the SMS message+1 (234) 567-8900You can use the Phone Number column in the Data Editor to properly format numbers.
MessageThe message you want to send

The action can be added to a component that supports actions (e.g., a button), added to an action sequence in the Action Editor, or after a form is submitted.

You can create a dynamic message by creating a Template column in the Data Editor and then setting that column as your Message field.


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