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Conditional add, edit & delete

Set conditions on when people can add & edit your data.

Allowing users to Add, Edit & Delete records can be very powerful, but sometimes you want to restrict this to only certain items or to certain users. With conditional add, edit & delete you can do this.

Example 1: Make only certain items editable

If you only want certain items to be editable, you can set up a condition that achieves this. For example, in the GIF below we make only one of our items editable - by adding a condition of Name = Marie Rao. This results in only that item being editable.

We've entered a Custom Value here, which only matches one item. This is a very simple example. However, you could instead choose a Column Value and make the condition dynamic for each row. To do this, we can just select the three-dots menu and select one of the columns.

Conditional Delete

You can also set conditions for deleting items, the same way you set conditions for editing items.

Example 2: Let users edit only their items

You might also want only to give edit access to items that 'belong' to the signed-in user.

In the GIF below we enable editing on our list items. After that, we add a condition where the item is only editable if the signed-in user's email matches the email column in our table.

This means that Marie Rao (who we have signed in as) is able to edit her record, but not any of the others.

You can use User Profiles and Roles in your conditions, allowing you to give editing rights to multiple users on the same item.

Example 3: Let only admins add items

Using User Profiles, you can enable only people with a certain 'Role' to be able to add items. You can add this condition on the 'Add' panel of a list screen's configuration

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