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List Relation

Create a separate screen with a list of items.

The List Relation Component is only available in Glide Apps, not Glide Pages.

The List Relation creates a link to a separate screen with a list of items. This list can be a Relation, but it can also be any table in your project.

It acts and is set up almost exactly like the Inline List component. The only difference is that it lists the data on a separate page.


A List Relation can pull its data from either a sheet or a Multiple Relation column. When you choose a table as a Data Source, the list will show all the rows in that table by default. When you choose a Multiple Relation as the source, the list will show all of the related items.


After determining the source of your List Relation, you can give the component a Title which will appear above the number of items to provide clarity for your users.

Group, Filter, and Sort

We can Group, Filter, or Sort the results in the list relation so they're categorized better upon display. To do this, head to the Options tab, then group, filter or sort your list according to the different columns found in your data.

To learn more about customizing the contents of a list screen, see User Experience and Conditions documentation.

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