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Comments Component

Let users add comments about specific topics

The Comments Component is only available in Glide Apps, not Glide Pages.

The Comments component creates a section in your project where users can interact with each other by adding comments on specific topics.

Example for a use case of the Comment Component
Example for a use case of the Comment Component

Configure the Comments component


In the General tab on the right side of the Layout Editor, locate the Data section. Use the menu in the Topic field to select the value from your data to assign as the topic for the comments. The topic must be set to a column where all the values are unique to ensure users’ comments are connected to the appropriate row of data. If you don't have a column with unique values you can use a Row ID Column.

Choosing the data column to write the comment to
Choosing the data column to write the comment to

Accessing Comments

If your project uses Google Sheets, Excel, or Airtable as a Data Source, after someone leaves a comment in your project, Glide will automatically create a new tab in your data source called Glide: Comments. Glide populates each comment with a unique ID and the Topic we set up earlier so that it can match the comments to the appropriate topic in your project.

If your project only uses Glide Tables as its data source and you’d like to track all comments in one spot, you can do so by connecting a Google Sheet, Excel, or Airtable file to your project.

Comments column in a Google Sheet
Comments column in a Google Sheet

Deleting comments

To delete a comment, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project from your Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the screen containing the comment you want to delete.
  3. Right-click it, and select Delete comment.

Deleting rows from the Glide: Comments tab in your data source will not remove the comment from your project. It must be deleted from the Layout Editor.

Deleting a comment
Deleting a comment
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