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Buy Button

Let users purchase items in your projects.

The Buy Button Component is only available in Glide Apps, not Glide Pages.

An use case of the Buy Button
An use case of the Buy Button

To use the Buy Button in your projects, you must connect a Stripe account. Glide does not charge a fee in addition to Stripe’s transaction processing fee.

Tracking your sales

If your project uses Google Sheets, Excel, or Airtable as a data source, after someone completes a successful checkout, Glide will automatically create a new tab in your data source called App: Purchases. Glide populates each purchase with all the details of the purchase, including the SKU of the item. Here we will also find the Processor Link which will take you to that transaction in Stripe. Here we can issue a refund if necessary.

If your project only uses Glide Tables as its data source and you’d like to track all sales in one spot, you can do so by connecting a Google Sheet, Excel, or Airtable file to your project.

'App: Purchases' sheet example

Restricted Businesses Stripe restricts certain categories of businesses from accepting payments, including:

  • Investment & credit services
  • Money and legal services
  • Virtual currency or stored value

Be sure to review the list of restricted business categories.

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