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Basic Table component

Display multiple values in a compact table.

The Audio Component is only available in Glide Apps, not Glide Pages.

The Basic Table component is a great way to display long lists of information found in your project. Instead of displaying data vertically, we can summarize all the information in one single table.

{% figure src="/docs/reference/components/basic-table-component/basic-table-comparison.png"" /%}

Tables are perfect for displaying purely informational data. You cannot merge or display action texts, buttons or images with a table.

Configure a Basic Table component


You can select a column to display as the title or give it a Custom Value.


In the General tab on the right side of the Layout Editor, locate the Data section. For each row, you can display two columns in the Basic Table component. You can use custom text or display columns in your project’s Data Source. You can add another row to display additional columns or custom text.

You can also choose a Relation as the source for one of the rows. For example - below, we add a relation showing orders of the related products.

The Basic Table also has a Footer field where you can provide more information about the table. Type a custom footer or select a column from your data source to display.

Text Style

You can check the “Allow text wrapping” box if your row content is longer and you want to display it on multiple lines.

Re-ordering rows

We can re-order basic table rows by clicking and dragging on the left-hand side of each row in the configuration panel.

Looking for similar functionality in Glide Pages? Check out the Fields Component.

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