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Everything you need to know about Components

Action Text

Use text to trigger actions in your app

Audio Component

Play audio files

Big Numbers

Display a single value in a block with two additional values

Breadcrumbs Component

Button Component

Use buttons to trigger actions in your projects


Visualize data in colorful charts.

Checkbox and Switch Components

Change true-false values.

Choice Component

Pick options from a list

Collection Component

Show lists of items from your tables in different layouts

Contact Form

A pre-configured contact form for your page

Container Component

Group components together

Custom Collections

Create custom collections with your data.

Data Grid Collection

Display data in a layout that resembles a spreadsheet.

Date Pickers

Pick a date or date/time

Entry Components

Enter text, numbers, email addresses, or phone numbers

Fields Component

Show multiple values side-by-side.

File and Image Pickers

Let users upload files and images to your projects

Form Container

Allow users to send/update data in tables

Hint Component

Get attention to important text

Image Component

Display images

Link Component

Display a clickable link to a website.


Log the device's current location

Map Component

The Map component displays multiple addresses as an interactive map.

Progress Bar

Display the progress of a value between two limits

Rating Component

Submit rating values for items.

Rich Text Component

Display data as styled content

Separator Component

Add padding above, underneath, or between components.

Signature Component

Write and upload signatures to your data source.

Text Component

Add style to your text

Title Component

Display multiple properties in different styles

Video Component

Display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and more

Web Embed Component

Embed web pages directly into your projects

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