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Progress Bar

Display the progress of a value between two limits.

The progress bar displays a horizontal line, circle or half circle which fills up according to a number's value in your sheet.

Below, as the number in the Changeable status column changes, the progress bar updates to show how close we are getting to 100.

Setting the progress bar's range

The progress bar needs to know what the minimum value is and what the maximum value is. In other words, what the progress is from and to.

Above you can see the progress bar configured with a Minimum setting of 0 and a Maximum setting of 100.

The Column property is what affects the bar's current status. In the example above, it is connected to the Changeable status column in our sheet.

As we change the Changeable status column and get closer to 100, the progress bar fills up.

Column values or Custom Values

The progress bar's minimum and maximum can be custom values that you configure in within Glide or they can be column values from your sheet.

If you choose column values in your sheet this means that the max & min for your progress bar can be dynamic.

For example, in the app below we allow the user to set their own 'Start' (minimum) and 'Finish' (maximum). These two columns are tied to the max & min of the progress bar.

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