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Date Time Component

Pick a date and time.

The Date Time component displays an editable date and time field, allowing your users to edit dates & times within your app.

The video below shows how we can add the date/time component to our app, how users can use it and how data in our sheet is affected.

Date formats and locales

At the moment, you can't change the way the date format is presented to users of the app. This gets chosen automatically by their device's location. However, you can change how it appears to you as you build your app.

Different locations in the world use different date formats. For example:

In the US, dates are formatted as: mm/dd/yyyy In the UK, dates are formatted as: dd/mm/yyyy

Glide and Google Sheets will work out where you are and use that formatting.

Sometimes if you're working in different locations you may run into issues with either Glide or Google sheets being in the wrong format. You can change the primary location of each and affect the resulting formatting of dates.

Changing your Google Sheet locale

In Google Sheets you can change the locale by heading to file/spreadsheet-settings.

Changing the locale of your sheet
Changing the locale of your sheet

Changing your browser's locale

Glide's date picker recognizes where you are and chooses the date format accordingly. We don't recommend changing your browser's language settings unless you're confident with what you're doing, but if you really need to get a different format in Glide then you can check out how ti change your browser's language here. 👈

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