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Comments Component

Add a comments area on your details screens.

The Comments component creates a section in your app where you can communicate with your users or where users can communicate among themselves.

Setting the Topic property for comments

There is only one property to configure in the comments component and that is Topic. This needs to be set to a column where all the rows will be unique. This is so that Glide can always keep the right comments connected to the right rows.

If you don't have a column with significantly unique values you can use a Row ID column.

Setting the Topic for the Comments component
Setting the Topic for the Comments component

Where are comments stored?

As comments from users appear in the app, Glide will save them all to a separate tab in your sheet called Glide: Comments. Glide populates each comment with an ID and the Topic we setup earlier, so that it can match the comments to the right topic in the app.


Push Notifications

Android users who use your comments section get push notifications on their devices for new comments. Unfortunately, comment notifications are not yet supported on iOS.

Deleting comments

To delete a comment, just right-click the comment whilst you are in Glide.

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