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App Components

Reference articles on all of the components you can add to Glide Apps

Rich Text

Display your data as styled content

Title Component

Display an image with a title and subtitle.

Action Text

Use text to trigger actions in your app

Relation Component

Display the result of a single relation.

Email Component

Create a fully configurable mailto button.

Phone Component

Trigger a text or phone call.

Button Component

A simple button with an action.

Button Bar

Display two buttons side-by-side; each with their own action.

Favorite Component

Tap to mark items as favorites.

Basic Table

Display multiple values in a compact table.

Switch & Checkbox Components

Change true-false values.

Hint Component

Call attention to important text

Link Component

Display a clickable link to a website.

Form Button

Trigger a form screen.

Buy Button

Let users purchase items in your projects.

Text Component

Add style to your text

Notes Component

Open a full screen editor where users can type.

Text Entry Component

Enter simple text data.

Number Entry Component

An entry component that only accepts numbers.

Phone Entry Component

An entry component that only accepts numbers

Email Entry Component

An entry component that only accepts emails.

Stopwatch Component

Let your users track time in your projects.

Signature Component

Write and upload signatures to your data source.

Location Component

Log the device's current location.

List Styles

The different list styles you can display your data in.

List Layout

A simple layout style for your lists.

Calendar Layout

Show the items in your lists as dates on a calendar.

Map Layout

Display your items as locations on a map.

Tiles Layout

A versatile list layout for displaying your records in visually rich tiles.

Checklist Layout

Show a list of items that users can check off.

Cards Layout

A versatile list style that shows your rows as cards.

Swipe Layout

Create swipeable cards that trigger different actions.

Inline List

Show a list of items on a details screen.

List Relation

Create a separate screen with a list of items.


Visualize data in colorful charts.

Progress Bar

Display the progress of a value between two limits.

Comments Component

Add a comments area on your details screens.

Like/Dislike Component

Allow users to like or dislike items in your apps.

Date Picker

Pick a date.

Date Time Picker

Pick a date and time.

Event Picker

View, add, and edit events on a calendar.

Rating Component

Submit rating values for items.

File Picker Component

Let users upload files in your apps.

Image Picker Component

Upload images from the users device.

Reaction Component

Add emoji reactions that submit different values.

Choice Component

Pick and submit options from a list.

Audio Component

Play audio files.

Map Component

Display an address on a map and open in Google Maps.

Image Component

Display images in lots of different ways.

Video Component

Display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and more.

Webview Component

Embed web pages directly in your projects.

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