Choice Component

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The Choice component lets you choose one value from a predefined list:

The choice component requires two columns from your sheet:

  1. A list of choices (Apples, Oranges, Pears... etc)
  2. A column where the choice will be recorded for each list item

You can pre-populate the second column with default choices that people can override.


Let's imagine that we want to record what people's favorite food is.

Step 1: Create a sheet which has different people in our rows.

Step 2: On a separate tab of your spreadsheet, create another column with unique options users will be able to choose from.

Step 3: Back in Glide, add your choice component and make sure Options sheet  and Options column fields are connected to where your options are located in your Google Sheet. Then make sure that the Column field is connected to the column where you want the choices to be recorded.

Step 4 (optional): If you want your list items to have default values, rather than being blank - pre-populate the cells with whichever choice you want to appear as default. This is of course overidable by users.