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Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks

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Sunny South Coast, Poole, UK

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Listening, Data, Design, Complex Scenarios, Automation, Integration

I'm the co-founder of V88. Our focus is to build the highest quality, most reliable and most beautiful apps for growing businesses. I have extensive experience working with clients to understand their needs and translating them into solutions that make a real difference. It's impossible to build the optimal solution if you don't really understand your client's vision so I just keep asking questions until I do. Whilst my background includes maths, physics and many years of software design, today I work almost entirely with Glide and Integromat (as a companion technology in certain circumstances). It's amazing what you can build with these tools at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods. There's no charge whatsoever for an initial chat so give me a call or drop me a message anytime.


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Apps by Mark
Columbia Global Centers / Event Management

Located in nine cities across four continents, the Global Centers are Columbia University’s physical and intellectual manifestation in the world. Marika Olsen is Director of Communications for the Centers. Her vision was to transform the way that the centers worked with each other, enhancing collaboration around events and the associated marketing and communication. The CGC app allows the global centers to manage all aspects of their events, including participants, tasks, resources and statistics. Centers can even request help from their colleagues via shared tasks and comments. - Global collaboration platform - Integrated social media automation - Flexible task management - Resource sharing and team comments Customer Quote "We have removed our dependance on multiple spreadsheets and enhanced our group collaboration overnight. The team love the app’s simplicity and clarity in terms of event and communication management."

Shine / Cancer Support

Shine Cancer Support provide a fantastic service to younger adults who have been diagnosed with cancer or are providing support to a loved one. Joint Founder Emma Willis felt it was time to move from public Facebook forums to a more personalised platform in order to enhance the Shine online support offering. The aim was to create an app with a true community feel and a source of highly relevant information. The Shine app provides access to community forums, the latest Shine news and a library of resources, categorised for ease of discovery. Videos and podcasts are also supported directly in the app. Members have the ability to chat privately outside of the community forums for more personal interaction. - Community login and access to resources - Forums with multiple topics and post moderation - Private chats with individual members Customer Quote "Our app has been so well received. The community loves having their own dedicated space because it feels made specially for them, which of course it was!"

Loving Life / Mindfulness

Loving Life is a fantastic community aimed at making your self-care an absolute priority so that every individual can flourish. Lillie Sardar built Loving Life with a mission to provide her members with everything they might need for a complete wellness journey. To Lillie, it’s important that everyone can be the very best version of themselves. Her mission included an innovative online presence, acting as a transformational wellness hub, and that’s where V88 were able to help. The Loving Life app provides access to on-demand content, registration of live courses, Lillie’s inspirational blog, a beautiful private journal for every member and community comments. The app makes Lillie’s teaching accessible to her community, anytime and anywhere. - Beautiful private journal - Community comments for discussion - Secure access to on-demand content - Statistics and reporting for community trends Customer Quote: "The positive feedback from my community has been literally breathtaking. Members love the convenience, the simple access to content and the fabulous journal. It also happens to be beautiful."

EDAS First Connect / Therapy

EDAS provide award winning support to transform the lives of people affected by substance misuse. Based on her years of experience, CEO Dr Mindy Bartlett had a vision to extend this existing support via an innovative new service called EDAS First Connect. The aim was to provide access to first class therapy via a simple, accessible online platform. The First Connect app links clients to highly trained therapists based on individual needs. Each client has access to their therapist via a private chat room and scheduled meetings. They can also make use of a private journal and a library of recommended resources. - Personalised client / therapist matching - Private chat room for ad-hoc discussions - Calendar and booking integration for scheduled meeting - Private journalling with the ability for a client to share specific entries Customer Quote: "It's so important for us to remain engaged with our clients and the app has been very successful in that respect. It also provides an insight to client progress over a period of time."

Stay365 / Bookings

Stay365 provide a gold star accommodation booking experience for both guests and property hosts. Josh Williams, architect of the Stay365 online portal, wanted to extend the functionality of their innovative bookings platform via a custom mobile app. As always, his driver was to enhance user experience through innovation. The Stay365 app provides a clear interface to the main portal, focusing on communication between guest and host and answering many common queries. It includes a comprehensive overview of upcoming bookings incorporating check in, check out and feedback with ratings. - Secure in-app chat - Guest and host dashboards - Simple sharing of user guides and manuals - Direct access to the Stay365 support team "The team at V88 were great at listening to our requirements and constantly adapting the solution as our early needs evolved. We have found their platform to be both accessible and highly robust."

Silverbirch / Real Estate

Silverbirch are specialists in residential sales and lettings, offering a truly bespoke, friendly and award winning service to their clients. Founder Laila Safaee wanted to increase client engagement by providing a class-leading service whilst at the same time streamlining internal process and reducing costs. The Silverbirch app provides a range of services to registered clients, including concierge recommendations, generous rewards at local businesses and exclusive features such as access to “off market” property opportunities. Internally it handles sales and letting progressions and tenant management. The integration of the modules makes for a seamless experience. - Client rewards - Sales process automation - Tenancy issue management - Bespoke concierge recommendations Customer Quote: "The app has allowed us to provide an even better service to our clients, keeping them fully in the loop and rewarding them. It also helps my internal team by simplifying the processes involved in running a busy agency."

Urban Pad / Property Management

Urban Pad manage a range of multiple occupancy properties to exacting standards. Giles Calvert-Lee, Principle of Urban Pad, wanted to deliver the very best levels of service to tenants and at the same time encourager staff and contractors to communicate effectively. Their combination of messaging apps, phone calls, emails and even written letters made this extremely difficult. The Urban Pad app provides a single secure location for staff, tenants and contractors to record issues. They can then comment in more detail and provide real time updates on progress, even attaching photos where needed. Every issue is logged and everybody stays in the loop. A full audit trail is also maintained for future reference. - Full audit trail - Inspection and visit recording - Public and private comments - Comprehensive issue tracking Customer Quote: "The app has given us a single place to manage issues, provide feedback, schedule visits and even record inspections. It’s increased our effectiveness and delighted our tenants."

Lovegrove / Wellness

Lovegrove Wellness comprises a community of like-minded yoga, meditation and wellbeing enthusiasts, ranging from professional athletes to corporate partners. Following her initial success, Founder Melanie Lovegrove decided to expand the community with a bespoke online presence, acting as a central hub for on-demand sessions, bookings, live coaching and her educational blog. The Lovegrove app provides all of these features, in a purpose-built platform, that includes taster sessions for new members and, more recently, tracking for personal daily gratitudes. - Combination of free and premium content - Community engagement through shared comments - Flexible online scheduling, booking and payments Customer Quote "The V88 team really understood my vision and they delivered it beautifully, complementing my own input with an abundance of advice based on their experience."

Citizens' Advice Bureau / Guidance

The Citizens Advice Bureau provide a wide range of services to match the specific problems that people face. Tom Lund, Head of Operations, wanted a simple and accessible way for members of the public to benefit from BCP’s Let’s Talk Money service. The service provides free help for these with money worries and concerns. The Let’s Talk Money app provides quick and easy access to a range of useful tips and answers to common questions. It also presents the friendly team with a video snippet of each and their speciality. - Useful tips - Contact points for assistance - Single place for all money guidance - FAQ for answers to common problems Customer Quote "We wanted to make our Let’s Talk Money service as friendly and accessible as possible. The V88 app achieves that perfectly and is also a flexible platform for future offerings."

Music Connect / Education

Wiltshire Music Connect is a music education hub, funded by the Arts Council and part of the National Plan for Music Education. They connect children and young people with music making opportunities, working closely with schools. The team at Music Connect wanted a solution to capture feedback from approximately 250 schools, across a wide range of music disciplines, and track the progress of engaged students. The Music Connect app provides a quick and easy way for partners to update a school’s progress with initiatives such as First Access, along with data on available funding and other grants utilised. Highlights Simple interface for ease of entry Input validation ensures data integrity Audit for tracking updates and progress Extensible design to allow for future expansion Available as an app or via any browser Customer Quote “V88 helped us work through what we had already put in place and came up with a design to simply our solution and most importantly provide a route for future expansion. It’s been a great experience.” Martin Stewart, Music Connect

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