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Marc-Olivier Reula

Marc-Olivier Reula

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Design, small business, Restaurants, Education, Chemistry

I am a chemistry teacher in a specialized technical college in Paris. As a side activity, I help small businesses to optimize their management, using GlideApp. I'm creative, thorough and a good listener and have a proven experience in using GlideApp. I strive to find solutions for all their business needs. For the moment, I'm working on an app for a sociology class in Science Po and for a restaurant with a piggy bank account for their clients.


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Apps by Marc-Olivier
Lab Work Eval by skills

This app allows multiple examiner to evaluate a student in a lab environnement.

Chefs du Quartier

This is an app for a small restaurant in Paris. The restaurant has the particularity of only serving lunch, which is prepared by a different chef every day, and is always fresh and healthy. The restaurant is located next to the school I'm teaching at and has lots of regular clients. Seeing the owner struggle with his booking system (he had one google sheet per client, and was filling it in manually), I suggested he make some changes and we began to create an app. It is used not only by the clients and the owner, but also by the chefs: each category has a different interface. It manages orders and meal plans, and also includes a payment and piggy bank system!

Random Teams

This app as just an way for me to understand how the random function was working in Glideapps. It's a public access. 1/ you create a new activity 2/ you enter the new activity and choose a group (for the purpose of simplicity I replaced names by numbers) 3/ you choose to make with that group either a fix number of teams or a fix number of people in each teams. 4/ You create step by step all the teams

Internship finder in chemistry for undergraduate students

This app is intended for my chemistry students when they are looking for an internship. It includes a list of specific companies in the field, which have a proven record of hiring interns, and the contact details of the people in charge of recruiting them. Searches can be done according to geographic location and topic, among other criteria.

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