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We love helping people launch apps that they've been dreaming of creating for a while - or even just MVPs / wireframes - and we love that Glide is the best and easiest way to make that happen.


Glide Agencies have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time.

Apps by Salt + Tonic
Coffee Snob

You can't rely on Google to tell you where good coffee is, but you can rely on Coffee Snobs. This app helps coffee snobs rate good coffee, and other coffee snobs to find those. I love the stacking of inline lists to display maps and beautiful inline lists in one screen, as well as some of the functionality to create an MVP really easily.

Marketplace App; The Consortium

This is an app that collects product listings from multiple vendors, and allows people to make one payment to them. The particular store is a vintage clothing store, but the products have come from multiple individual retail stores. Each retail store is able to manage their own inventory without seeing what other people have, and for any stores that have this linked via API the quantities are updated automatically. The person who oversees the app has the ability to turn particular retailers on and off, while taking a commission of the sales from across all the different stores.

Profile Matching app; Youth Employment Plus

This is a matching app, that works like Tinder (but without the swiping!). People choose who they want to match to, and the other person gets the chance to confirm they want to exchange details. In this case it is for employability - so students who have come out of a training course can choose to match to certain employers, and likewise employers can say they want to match to particular grad students. The added bonus is the organisation who oversees the program receives a PDF report in their email of the progress and matches they occur, which removes admin for them while also allowing beautiful reporting for their board.

Co-working space management app

A co-working space needed a place for internal members to see who the other members are, book meeting rooms, see what events are coming up on the calendar and get general health and safety information. It also allowed the co-working space's general manager to process payments, so people can book their spot in advance and clip the ticket - heavily reducing the time spent on administration.

Young & Local

This is an app for a social club for young professionals. I love the idea of using GIFs as an alternative to standard images to make the app more appealing - and I set it so that the GIFs automatically rotate depending on what the month is. I also love that the calendar is automatic so that it only shows future events, and integrates with other systems we are already using!

Noted Details

I love the use of well-designed graphics that make this app 'pop'. The stacks of inline lists also push the functionality of Glide that allows for multiple screens inside screens, and ensures the user still has an intuitive experience.

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