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Abhilasha Bhatia

Abhilasha Bhatia

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Toronto, Canada

Skills & Expertise

App concepts, Integrations, MVP, Portfolios, Community Apps

Abhilasha Bhatia is a software engineer and an app developer. She runs an app development company The Creators Devhub Inc., on a mission to advance technology adoption among small businesses. Abhilasha has worked as a Software Engineer at companies in the US and Canada. She has extensive experience working with startups to translate business ideas into executable code. Abhilasha started experimenting with Glide since May 2020. So far she is enjoying building apps through it and thinks this platform to be a game changer for startups to test out their product ideas.


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Apps by Abhilasha
Personal Migraine Diary

Use Password: MyMigraineDiary This is an app to track your migraine occurrence and trigger frequency. The app template is in the marketplace. Use it to log the duration of migraines and to better understand what triggers these pains. This app is not a diagnostic tool, but just a log diary. You can share the log with your doctor to further understand the patterns of your migraine.

Holiday Gift Tracker

Experience a personal way of tracking holiday gift shopping. Have your own gift manager - make shopping and tracking easy. Get started by making a list of individuals and track the gift purchase for each individual.

Pet Memorial Project

Pet Memorial project is a Community driven pet memorial. I built this app for a client who wanted to memorialize their pet and also bring together other communities to share stories about their pets. Previewed using the URL is just the app template, not the actual live app. There is no Personally Identified Information in the app and the images of pets being used are pulled from publicly available pet images. If you want a similar concept or a social media app, please reach out.

Survey for Creators

This is a simple survey form with thought out questions for an app idea I am working with. If you are a creators, skills teacher, educator, artist, please feel free to fill it in :)

Holiday Greetings

Experience the new way of sharing holiday spirits with your friends and family! Invite, send a greeting in the form of pic / gif / video, receive a greeting.

Baby Shower Games

I built this app for a friend’s baby shower party. Guests had a blast. Most friends and family participated virtually over a video call.

Event RSVP

Invite your friends and family to your virtual event! It's easy to setup and get started.

Business Inquiry

Please reach out to inquire about the app ideas, quotes, portfolio, or just to inquire about app possibilities via Glide. Learn more. Send a request through the app.

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