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Glide lets anyone in your company create powerful custom tools that move your business forward.

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500,000+ people and businesses have built apps with Glide, including...

Create powerful custom software in minutes

No coding or design skills required

Add your data

Connect to Google Sheets, Excel, or Airtable. Upload a CSV or XSLV. Or start from scratch using Glide Tables.

Customize your app

Use drag-and-drop components to visualize your data. Add powerful functionality with actions and logic.

Invite your users

Share your app's link or QR code. Your app will work on every device, no download or installation required.

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Connect your data

Changes sync between your app and data source within seconds

Connect your data

Create a two-way connection with your existing data in Google Sheets, Excel on Microsoft 365, or Airtable.

Manage it in Glide

Use our data editor while you build your app. Any updates will sync in seconds with your connected data source.

Combine data sources

Bring multiple data sources together in a single app. Build connections between data sources using computed columns.

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Bring your data to life

Computed columns give you the power of math & logic without code

Run calculations

Run calculations on your data with Math, Rollup, and Number columns. Write Excel formulas directly in the data editor.

Create relationships

Build connections across multiple data sources and tables using Relation and Lookup columns.

Add functions & logic

Add conditional logic, fetch and parse JSON, manipulate arrays, generate images, encode text, and much more.

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Customize your app's interface

Our professionally-designed components look great on every screen

Content & media

Add static or dynamic text, images, and media. Visualize your data with graphs, charts, and maps. Pull in 3rd party resources with Web Embeds.

Data collections

Display your data rows as records using collections with all-up and detail views. Choose from preconfigured collection components or create your own.

Custom forms

Build custom forms to let users add new data or modify existing data. Use Actions to control what happens after a user submits a form.

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Put your data into motion

Automate your business processes with simple actions and advanced workflows

Default actions

Pick from default actions, ranging from modifying data to triggering webhooks.

Complex workflows

Use Custom Actions to add conditional logic and chain multiple events together.

Extend with Zapier

Trigger a Zap to connect your app and data to other tools and services.

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Publish instantly as a public or private app

Control who has access with extensive permission and authentication settings

Control access

Create a public app and let new users register, or limit access to users at the team, app, or domain level. Define roles & visibility for even more control.

Sign In With Google

Enable Sign In With Google to let users quickly log into your app using their Google Workspace account.

Skip the App Store

Apps built with Glide run in the browser, so there's nothing to download or install. When you make a change to your app, it's instantly updated for all your users.

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Find the help you need

Our Support team is only the beginning

Glide Community

Ask questions and find answers. Get peer support and guidance from our Glide Super Users and Certified Experts.

Glide University

Browse our growing library of tutorials created by the Glide team and Glide Ambassadors from around the world.

Glide Experts

Take on big projects with the knowledge and skills of a Glide Certified Expert or Certified Agency at your side.

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We can't wait to see what you build.
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500,000+ people and businesses have built apps with Glide, including...

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