Technical Writer

Remote • Contractor

We're looking for a technical writer to help us create blog posts that explain the engineering projects & research happening at Glide.

We have many exciting engineering blog posts waiting to be written—the technology is already in production, and we've created walkthrough videos explaining what we've built. We're looking for a technical writer to turn these into a series of posts on our blog, so people can explore our projects in-depth and at their own pace.

Here's an example of a post we wrote for a related project: We love the tone of voice, the technical examples including code, visualizations, and interactive demo. We'd love to work with you on creating a rich story like this.


If you're unsure if you qualify for the role, or just want to meet us and learn more, please record a quick video to introduce yourself and show us something you've worked on. Send it to and we'll take a look.

A glimpse into our culture.

We value creativity, collaboration, and fun.

Reasons to join us

Bold Mission

Our mission is to create a billion new software developers and power most apps on Earth by 2030. You can see why we need you!

Ship Every Week

We have a "shipping culture"—you'll ship something your first week, and every week after that. Leave your slowpoke job in the dust!

Huuuuuge Impact

We're still a small team, so you'll have a big impact in any role. You'll have a hand in shaping our young company.

Experienced, Friendly Team 😊

We've been designing and building developer tools for decades. We're also kind and committed to helping you grow.

Open-source Roots

Our team has worked on dozens of open-source projects. Here are a few of our own:

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