Senior Ops Engineer

Remote • Full-time


Glide is hiring amazing engineers to help accomplish our goal of creating the next billion software developers by making it easy & fun to create amazing apps without code.

We know how messy & difficult software development is, and we think we know how to make it simple but not simplistic, easy but not boring, and fun but powerful. Come help us do this!

What you'll be doing

  • Designing, building, and scaling the Glide backend infrastructure
  • Automating our deployments and tests
  • Monitoring our infrastructure and fixing issues that come up
  • Planning and implementing security

This job might be perfect for you if...

  • You have at least four years of experience as an ops engineer
  • You are passionate about software infrastructure and security
  • You have a track record of success
  • You have strong organizational skills and are a good communicator
  • You have a love and respect for customer-centric, design-driven software development

Definitely mention if you have...

  • Fluency with public clouds, particularly GCP
  • You've built something quirky and fun that you're excited about

How we build Glide

Our backend is implemented with TypeScript and runs on Firebase and Firestore, although we plan to move to a custom backend someday to support unique computations required by our programming model.

We use GitHub for code collaboration, have integration tests in place, and use GitHub flow & CI to automate deployments from branches across staging and production environments.

There are many other pieces to our infrastructure, for mapping, image processing, sending emails, and more.

Reasons to join us

Audacious, Borderline Crazy Mission

Our mission is to create a billion new software developers and power most apps on Earth by 2030. You can see why we need you!

Ship Every Week

We have a "shipping culture"—you'll ship something your first week, and every week after that. Leave your slowpoke job in the dust!

Huuuuuge Impact

We're still a small team, so you'll have a big impact in any role. You'll have a hand in shaping our young company.

Experienced, Friendly Team 😊

We've been designing and building developer tools for decades. We're also kind and committed to helping you grow.