Product Designer

Remote • Full-time

We're looking for a Product Designer who has worked on technical products. The design challenge in front of us is turning the complexity of software development into a simple, intuitive, and powerful interface that anyone can use.

What you'll do be doing:

  • Designing the way Glide displays, manages, and configures the data used to build apps. (Sign up for Glide and check out our Data Editor)
  • Reimagining how complex formulas and logic used to build software can be visual and approachable for new users who don't code
  • Talking to our customers and understanding our market
  • Identifying and pitching new product opportunities/improvements
  • Collaborating with our entire team. We're a close-knit group and value critiques and open design conversations
  • Leading. We're a small team and a young company, with an enormous goal of creating a billion new software developers. We need someone who is motivated by this mission, and can act on shaping the way we accomplish it.

This job might be perfect for you if...

  • You have 5 years of product design experience, including designing complex tools
  • You have an idea about the technology needed to build your designs and can collaborate them into existence with developers
  • You can hold your own on a small, fast-paced team and help your colleagues grow into better versions of themselves
  • You are familiar with a broad library of creation software and have opinions about how they work. Such as:
    • Framer (What are the pros and cons of their layout system?)
    • Airtable (What could be improved about their function columns?)
    • Typeform (what do you think of their logic control flow?)
    • Google Sheets (what's the biggest hurdle for new spreadsheet users? What historical design decision for spreadsheets would you change?)
  • You're ready to work closely with 2 other product designers to complete our triangle of charismatic design excellence 🔮🔺🔮
  • Bonus: you have experience or familiar using or building developer tools, such as:
    • Xcode or any other traditional app development tool
    • iOS/Android OS environments/platforms
    • Keep up-to-date with latest technologies related to the mobile market

Why Glide?

  • Impact and ownership. We are a small team, and each individual often stretches beyond their role. Your voice and contributions will invariably shape what and how we build.
  • Work that ships. We design to implement. Our goal is to focus on building solutions that face our customers as soon as possible.
  • The trappings of a startup. We provide equity, competitive compensation, health benefits, and all the stuff you'd expect out of a world-class startup.

Reasons to join us

Audacious, Borderline Crazy Mission

Our mission is to create a billion new software developers and power most apps on Earth by 2030. You can see why we need you!

Ship Every Week

We have a "shipping culture"—you'll ship something your first week, and every week after that. Leave your slowpoke job in the dust!

Huuuuuge Impact

We're still a small team, so you'll have a big impact in any role. You'll have a hand in shaping our young company.

Experienced, Friendly Team 😊

We've been designing and building developer tools for decades. We're also kind and committed to helping you grow.

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