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Growth Marketing Lead

Help us put the power of software into the hands of the next billion creators.

Growth Marketing Lead


We’re looking for a Growth Marketing Lead to help us put the power of software development into the hands of the next billion creators. You’ll be part of an early-stage Marketing team, helping build the foundations of our growth marketing motion. You’ll build our lifecycle marketing motion, drive our growth marketing experiments, own our website and template store as growth levers, and co-own our self-serve revenue number with Product.

The ideal candidate will be a self starter who has growth marketing experience in early-stage startups.

You will:

  • Develop deep understanding of Glide’s user and buyer journeys to deliver personalized experiences for each lifecycle stage, collaborating with Product, Data and Sales teams.
  • Own our website and template store strategies and evolution as growth levers.
  • Co-own the self-serve funnel and revenue number with our Product team.
  • Convert and monetize demand from the website into the product by partnering with the Product team to deliver product led growth strategies.
  • Own our marketing operations and growth marketing KPIs including our in-house channels such as email, in-product announcements, etc.
  • Find, test and manage performance of strategic paid marketing opportunities - e.g. SEM, sponsored content, etc.
  • Report directly to the VP of Marketing.

This job might be perfect for you if...

  • You have 5+ years of growth marketing experience, preferably in self-serve SaaS businesses.
  • You love data, helping define the right KPIs based on business goals, and is able to get your hands dirty and implement these metrics with (or without) help from your Data counterpart.
  • You have experience in managing websites as a growth lever, working with engineering to implement big swing and AB tests.
  • You have strong demonstrated partnerships with product, data, and sales teams, helping drive revenue growth.
  • You are very comfortable with email or lifecycle marketing including strategy, execution, tools, and success metrics.

Definitely mention if you have...

  • Growth marketing experience in product led growth companies.
  • Lifecycle marketing experience in B2B SaaS companies.
  • Passion for technology, no-code/low-code tools, and actively keep up with this domain.
  • A Glide App or Page that you’ve built and want to show off.
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If you're unsure if you qualify for the role, or just want to meet us and learn more, please record a quick video to introduce yourself and show us something you've worked on. Send it to and we'll take a look.

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