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Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your users

  • Send push notification
    Send a push notification to users
  • Request to send push notifications
    Request to send push notifications
  • Push notifications access granted
    Check if the user has granted access to send push notifications

Send push notifications to your Glide app's users on iOS, Android, and web

With this powerful integration, you can stay connected with your users in real time and keep them engaged with your app. Imagine being able to send important updates, reminders, or even personalized messages to your users in a Push Notification on iOS, Android, and even on the web - all with just a few clicks. With Push Notifications, you can create a seamless user experience and drive engagement like never before.

Activating the Push Notifications integration in Glide

  • ↪ In Glide, click the Settings icon.
  • ↪ Find the Integrations section and then select Push Notifications.
  • ↪ Click the Add to app button.

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