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Multi vendor sites/apps is my game. Visit my sites for more on my cyber footprint & global reach.  Proud also to have translated the entire Glide language corpus into Bengali.   ✅ Facebook @WizWazeer ✅ YouTube @WizWazeer ✅ Glide @WizWazeer.glideapp.io ✅ Instagram @wiz.wazeer Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi, & Urdu. 
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Apps by wiz wazeer 

wiz wazeer

My personal app. Feel free to visit and leave messages or request one on one conference. 


Simple  chatApp

find a lawyer 

Multiple sign up lawyer and  client template with one on one private chat. 

eChat  - whatsApp clone

Multiple sign up social networking template. Read key features and FAQ. It’s my spin on WhatsApp. 

uber eat clone- xuber eats 

Wiz’z spin on apps/websites like Uber Eat, Just Eat etc. Multiple sign up marketplace template. 

glideapp store  

Wiz’z spin on Glide Template Store -  multiple sign up marketplace template. 

taxis near me (similar to Uber etc Hire)

Multiple passenger and taxi driver sign up template that calculates distance from base to driver, driver to passenger, and between pickup and destination points. Also auto calculates journey fare as well as driver/base split.  Read the key template features for more. 

group scheduler 

See key template features : general or supply staff of companies with a sizeable employee turnover add their availability by date and shift. Admin picks up on the availability, selects and posts all allocations to a group schedule hub.  Jam packed with latest Glide features  

virtual Q

multiple business sign up temp. designed to reduce risk of exposure to C-19 by replacing physical queuing outside pubs, retail stores, restaurants, banks etc with virtual q. 

spareRoom amazon - my spin on popular websites like spaeRoom, etc.  

multiple sign up estate agency & private landlord marketplace. An app that comes with more than 25 search filters and lets you earn an income per ad per room/property. Just download and take the competition confidently to the big beasts in the game. Have added probably more filters than even the best in the field (spareRoom) offer. 

xuberEats PRO

Does everything you would expect of a food marketplace app. View by restaurant distance (currently set to 5 miles) and opening hrs. Carts close with restaurants no matter when they open and close.  No cross ordering; one restaurant per transaction. Delivery countdown timer. Watch progress of order from prep to delivery countdown. Log into and out of work. View earnings and daily job count. No cart bolting. Takes care of both delivery and collection. Auto calculates distance and pay.  Pay restaurant and drivers directly from your app, and do untold number of other things. Read FAQ, and Key features. Don’t forget to watch the video presentation. 

tickerTracker & foreignExchage

Live track tickers, track and manage your stock portfolio, and convert from 141 currencies to the most popular 40 currencies back to back.  Free app now available in the template store. 

glide secureSafe

This app introduces, for the first time, (iPhone style) screen lock,  and the keypad to Glide.  Create an account  and safeguard it with 4 layers of security: screen lock, password, secure pin, and a secureSafe access pin. Access and lock away 8 categories of data.  When no longer needed permanently erase all 8 folders at the click of a button, wait for confirmation, and then erase your account. The erasure is irreversible and the deleted data unrecoverable. 

online laundry collection and delivery 

Read key features.  207 services covered. Sign up, place order, pay at point of sale or via payment link sent to email and wait for collection and delivery. 

cleaners near me

Pls read key template features 

lawyers near me

Multiple sign up temp that lets you find lawyers by online status, distance (set to miles), top rated, & legal category. If lawyer subscribes to premium LawChat, client can have one on one LawChat with lawyer. Mindful that every new LawChat request is a potential new client, app sends an instant email notification/reminder to both lawyer and client of new LawChat request. So never miss a LawChat!  App is also an online directory/database of law firms and their sister branches. As in the case of lawyers, app allows search of law firms by distance and legal category. Jam packed with more features, including ratings. Pls read key template features. 


XuberTaxi is a public/private all in one multi admin, passenger & taxi driver template. Skip or share location; enter any postcode, street or building name, & see all nearest drivers; book, pay (cash or card) & ride! Get instant email & in-app notification of rides. Restrict services by countries, States, cities, towns, distance, etc., Auto calculated distance and price. Auto created unique lifetime driver/passenger IDs. Auto calculated owner/driver split. Pickup set to within 10 ml. radius (for demo). Keep track of revenue, unpaid invoices, shifts, targets and what not; pay drivers from your dashboard. Track drivers by distance to base, etc., Jam packed with all latest Glide feature releases. Please watch the demo & read the KTF.


Budget/private hotel reservation and booking app.  On the Guest side, no need to sign up. Just sign in, add check-in and out dates, number of guests, room type, and hit the search bar. Select any available room; compare prices; compare limited room and child discounts; see clicks by category and room, view room reviews; check dynamic  room calendar; pay, and sleep.  On the hotel side, publish/unpublish a room to the search engine, change category type or even repackage same room as premium , holiday or standard. View today’s arrival and departures, including all reservations and bookings. App takes care of all date conflicts, and auto calculates VAT, discounts, booking/reservation cancellation penalty charge and refund. 

Workforce Training 

Video preboarding, onboarding, and job training app for corporate HR or Training Coordinators  Read key template features for more. 


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

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