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Tom Gray

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London, UK

Skills & Expertise

MVPs, Enterprise, Design, Marketing & Strategy, Automation

I run Glide’s EMEA & UK Enterprise accounts as a Certified Expert and Sales Engineer. I’m also the Head of Live Training here at Glide. I pride myself on fast turnaround and high quality apps for an array of different purposes. I have a great track record for building winning MVPs and powerful apps for work— I’ve also built some of Glide’s App for Work templates. I consult for ITV and my client portfolio includes Weezy, Cazoo and MRE. My work using Glide has been featured in Glide is a very powerful tool, but building beautiful, data-driven apps in a way that users will love isn’t always straightforward. This is where I can help you. Schedule a call and let’s skyrocket your project to the next level.


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

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