Certified Expert

Thomas Dahm

Areas of expertise
Design, Marketing, Conferences, Formulas
Freelance graphic designer/developer helping brands and startups grow their product and community.
Apps by Thomas Dahm

Neon Moiré Show

Portfolio app for the podcast Neon Moiré Show. A show on creating design-driven conferences. In-depth conversations with the designers who organize and/or speak at these events. Hosted by Thomas Dahm Special Feature: - All audio files are linked to the podcast RSS feed, so all downloads are counted in the hosting stats. 


A crowdsourced index of podcasts on design.  Features: RSS input; Show are sorted on published date; User can sort on language (NL/ENG/DE); User can sort on Patreon support; User can add new shows Follow the development via https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18090195901057431/?hl=en https://ondesign.fm

Incremental Urbanism

This app is made for people in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The app is based upon the research and projects done by Rural Urban Framework. Its main objective is to inform the local community about the options they have to improve their home and the community they live in.

Vincent van Gogh walk through Zundert

This app, Vincent van Gogh – A master’s roots, is made for Vincent Van GoghHuis in Zundert. This app guides you through Zundert Vincent's birthplace. It shows you his fascination with nature and farm life. A fascination which manifested itself later on in his work.

My Config 2020

My Config 2020 is a conference documentation app. As a showcase, we used Config, Figma's first conference. The app helps attendees to document their learnings and experiences through a couple of standardized fun questions.

Neon Moiré

Design Conferences App made for Neon Moiré. This is an extended mobile version of neonmoire.com using Zapier, and other custom features.


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